FRANCE: Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ephrem II meets Coptic and Armenian Orthodox Bishops in Paris

During his visit to France, Patriarch Mor Ignatius Ephrem II met with Anba Mark, the Bishop of Paris and northern France of the Coptic Orthodox Church, and Vahan Ohanisian, Bishop of France for Armenians Orthodox Church. Patriarch Ephrem II discussed the close relations that bring together the Syriac Orthodox Church with the Coptic and Armenian Church.

PARIS – As part of his visit in France, Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Mor Ignatius Ephrem II met with Coptic Orthodox Bishop Anba Mark at his residence in Paris. Patriarch Ephrem II was received by Anba Mark, Coptic clergy, and the deacons’ Choir of the Cathedral of Our Lady. At the end of the visit, His Holiness toured the diocese’s headquarters and learned about its sections.

His Holiness also met with Bishop Vahan Ohanisian, Archbishop of France for Armenian Orthodox, at his residence in Paris. His Holiness and his delegation were greeted by Bishop Vahan at the entrance to St John the Baptist Cathedral in Paris, and after prayers, Bishop Vahan welcomed the Syriac Patriarch and his delegation, thanking him for his visit and appreciating this great blessing by the Armenian Church in Paris. During the meeting, His Holiness the Patriarch spoke of the common history of the Syriac and Armenian church fathers in their ancestral land.