Kosovo imposes sanctions on supporters of Iran-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah 

PRISTINA, Kosovo -After the classification of the Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon as a terrorist organization by a number of European and Arab countries, several countries began to monitor and track the movements of the group’s members, as well as the movements of Hezbollah supporters inside their territories. Kosovo was among those countries, as it imposed sanctions on 7 local businessmen and 1 real estate company over their links with the Hezbollah.

The Kosovo authorities said that the assets of the aforementioned persons and company were frozen, adding that the persons were prohibited from traveling outside the country and receiving money from other individuals and companies. It is noteworthy that Kosovo established diplomatic relations with Israel and opened an embassy in Jerusalem in March 2021.

In parallel, the Saudi State Security Presidency announced the classification of the Hassan al-Qard financial association of the Hezbollah group as a terrorist entity, explaining that this classification came due to the association’s involvement in activities supporting the terrorist acts of Hezbollah. The association works to manage Hezbollah’s funds, including finances which support both political and military purposes, and has been described as the “financial arm” of Hezbollah.

Kosovo’s head of national security pledged to continue working to combat Hezbollah’s terrorist activities, and to coordinate internationally to target the party’s sources of financial support in Saudi Arabia, whether they are individuals or entities.