American efforts to improve relations with international allies and competitors

Despite the recent crisis between the United States and France, US President Joe Biden and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron held a lengthy meeting on relations between the two countries and issues of common interest. Washington and Moscow also met recently and held positive discussions regarding cybersecurity.

US President Joe Biden is taking steps towards correcting the course of his country’s relations with both allies like France and international competitors such as Russia in order to establish security and peace in the entire world. These efforts come in the wake of the crisis which recently arose between the US and France against the backdrop of the United States’ new nuclear submarine deal with Australia.

In a joint statement, Biden and Macron stressed that their consultations confirmed the strength of the historical relations between their countries, which are reinforced by their shared democratic values, economic ties, and cooperation in the field of defense and security.

The two leaders also touched on several international issues of common interest, affirming their support for reforms in Lebanon, and highlighting the need to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Regarding US efforts to resolve its differences and improve relations with its rivals, Washington held lengthy discussions with Moscow on cooperation between the two countries regarding cybersecurity. Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, confirmed that Russia and the United States had agreed to exchange communications on relevant incidents in cyberspace, adding that the two countries agreed to do everything possible to inform the other party about any concerns.

In an indication of the positive progress of the talks, Nebenzya also stated that the two countries drafted a resolution for the United Nations General Assembly on responsible behavior in cyberspace, explaining that as recently as one year ago, “no one dreamed of this” level of cooperation between Washington and Moscow.