Universal Syriac Union Party President Ibrahim Mrad: The Axis of Evil has isolated Lebanon from the Arab and international community

BEIRUT – The head of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad, has said in a statement that “what we are witnessing today in terms of successive crises and tensions with Saudi Arabia and other country members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, is purely a result of Iran’s hegemony over the decision making of the Lebanese state through the Hezbollah militia. The only aim is to continue isolating Lebanon from the Arab and international community, attempting to subjugate its people, and placing them completely under Iranian control by force.”

In his statement, Mrad urged the Arab and international communities, “not to leave the people of Lebanon and the sovereignist forces in the country at the mercy of the Iranian Axis of Evil.”

“It is your duty to support us and strengthen our position as a political sovereignist resistance movement against this occupation and tyranny, which deviates from all values of sovereignty and is contrary to our highest national interest,” the USUP President declared. He pointed out that “the Gulf states, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will know for certain that the majority of the Lebanese people have all the love, respect, and appreciation for their standing, support and help to Lebanon and its people throughout times.”

USUP President Mrad considers the incumbent government a proxy tool. Degrading statements and decisions contrary to Lebanon’s national interest by the ruling puppet junta, individuals and groups, are solely at the behest of their political and material benefactor Iran. Ibrahim Mrad concludes his statement by stressing the need to demand, through massive popular pressure, the resignation of the incumbent government and to save Lebanon and its people from Iranian occupation through its Hezbollah militia.

Mrad’s statement comes against the background of controversy over statements made by Syriac Maronite Minister of Information George Qardahi criticizing the role Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the war in Yemen.