Future Syria Party head denounces international silence on Turkish occupation

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Turkey continues to undermine the security and stability in North and East Syria through sleeper cells, drone strikes, constant bombardment of civilian areas along the frontline, and environmental and economic sabotage.

Mohammed al-Rajab, head of the Future Syria Party in Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor), told North Press Agency that the international silence about Turkey’s aggressive actions serves as a green light for the continuation of its campaign of killing and destruction against the people of North and East Syria and called on international human rights organizations to assume their moral and human responsibilities by taking a firm stance against “Turkish expansionist barbarism”.

He further stated that one reason for Turkey’s recent escalation is the vague international response and a lack of seriousness by international actors in taking appropriate action against Turkish encroachments in Syria. Al-Rajab added that these organizations and institutions should “preserve their slogans of protecting human rights” and that “Turkey is trying to revive the glories of the Ottoman Empire under the pretext of protecting its national security”.