Hirmiz and Shmuni Diril murder case: suspect Apro Diril released again

MAHRE, Turkey – In what more and more seems to become a cold murder case, Apro Diril, suspect in the case of the Syriac Chaldean couple Shmuni and Hurmuz Diril, has been released again, reports Syriac news paper Gazete Sabro. It is his second release after being re-detained in early October. He remains a suspect in the case.

Apro Diril is an elderly relative who lived alone with the Diril couple in their native village of Mahre (Turkish: Kovankaya). The retired Diril couple disappeared on January 7, 2020. Shmuni Diril’s mutilated body was found by one of her sons nearby their village in March 2020. Hurmuz Diril has not been heard from and seen since.

Apro Diril was released in the investigation in September of this year and re-detained in early October.