SPAIN: Syriac bodybuilder Sari Gharib takes third place in the Men’s Physique World Championship

SANTA SUSANNA, Spain – Syriac bodybuilder Sari Gharib took third place on Saturday in the Men’s Physique under 176 cm competition at the World Championship organized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Gharib finished third behind Farid Alimardany from Iran and Diego Rodriguez from Mexico.

Sari Gharib represents his native Syria where he was born in 1985 in Derik in the Gozarto Region. He left his homeland in 2009 and settled in Stockholm where he started participating in national competitions 2 years ago. Well-known Syriac bodybuilder Efrem Issa took Gharib under his wing.

This is Gharib’s first year participating in international competitions.

The World Championship is held from November 3 to 8 in Santa Susanna, Spain. Other Syriac competitors are Admon Issa and Josef Asmar, both representing Sweden.