The Sovereigntists Front calls on the United Nations to lift foreign domination of Lebanon

TRIPOLI, Lebanon – After weeks of political turmoil, the Sovereigntists Front for Lebanon held a special meeting on November 5 in Tripoli. The meeting was attended by Ibrahim Mrad (Universal Syriac Union Party), Camille Dory Chamoun (National Liberal Party), Charles Jabbour (Lebanese Forces), Judge Peter Germanos (Change Movement), Eli Mahfoud (Lebanese Forces Tripoli branch), Jad Damian (Lebanese Forces Youth Association). After the meeting, Judge Peter Germanos read out the final statement:

“The Sovereigntists Front deliberated the most recent judicial, national and governmental developments. It closely follows the approach chosen by the current rulers and their masters. They came to power 5 years ago only to join the expansionist religious axis, which is hostile to most of the civilized countries of the world and the Arab states, especially the Arab Gulf states.”

“The Front is appalled by the events of recent weeks. These events are an insult; both with regard to the disgraceful attack on investigative judge into the Beirut Port explosion Tariq Bitar, and with regard to the threat of one of the government’s ministers, chosen and headed by the President of the Republic.”

The statement added: “Furthermore, this comes in addition to the summoning of the head of the Lebanese Forces Dr. Samir Geagea in addition to the summoning of Dr. Fares Souaid on the basis of a false complaint from Hezbollah on charges of inciting civil war, and in combination with the hundreds of young people from Tripoli who are unjustly and aggressively detained.”

The statement appealed to the United Nations and all friendly countries to work to take away foreign hegemony over Lebanon by helping to implement the Armistice Agreement and international resolutions 1559, 1680, and 1701, as well as to urge the international community to adopt the principle of neutrality for Lebanon.

The Sovereigntists Front is a united opposition front which prioritizes building confidence among all denominational components of Lebanon, the restoration of power away from the current corrupt system that destroyed all constitutional institutions, the rejection of arms not under the control of state authority, as well as the need to address the Syrian refugees’ file within the framework of an international solution to the settlement of the Syrian crisis.