ZALIN: Various components participate in the funeral of the martyrs of the Turkish bombing

ZALIN, Syria – Thousands of residents of Zalin (Qamishli) from various components participated in the funeral ceremony of the three civilians who were martyred two days ago by shelling by a Turkish war plane targeting their car in the Hilaliyeh neighborhood in Zalin.

Participants in the funeral ceremony included co-president Sanharib Barsoum of the Syriac Union Party in Syria, and representatives of all the institutions of the Beth Nahrin National Council.

The mourners carried banners with phrases condemning Turkey’s repeated violations in northeastern Syria and targeting civilians. 

During the funeral ceremony, markets were closed and an atmosphere of mourning prevailed in Zalin in grief for the martyrs. 

The three martyrs are from the same family, 83-year-old Yousef Gallo and his two grandchildren Mohammed and Mazloum Gallo.