Two members of Hezbollah deported from Colombia for reportedly plotting to assassinate foreign officials

BOGOTÁ — Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano Aponte said that the Colombian government deported two Hezbollah members who had intended to commit a crime in Colombia. The minister did not clarify the nature of the crimes.

However, according to Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, the two men were surveilling a former Israeli intelligence official and “a handful of high-profile foreigners”, allegedly planning to assassinate them.

The unnamed former Israeli official had recently opened a surveillance technology company in the Colombian capital after serving a post-intelligence stint as part of Israel’s diplomatic mission there. They have since been flown out of the country by Israeli intelligence

El Tiempo cited what it characterized as a government report including intelligence given by the Mossad.

Molano added that the threat of Hezbollah in Colombia originates from Venezuela. Drug smuggling and terrorist groups across the Venezuelan border pose a threat to Colombian national security, he added.

Colombian-Venezuelan relations have continued to deteriorate since 2015.