Syrian regime continues to arrest its opponents in Druco (Daraa) despite Russian mediated agreements

DRUCO, Syria — The Syrian regime continues to arrest young men from Druco (Daraa) after taking part in demonstrations despite the Russian-brokered settlement agreements.

The families of detainees worsens day by day as they are often the primary breadwinners.

In 2018, a settlement agreement was reached between leaders of Syrian opposition factions in Druco and Russian-sponsored Syrian regime forces which included the suspension of arrests, with men wanted by the regime settling their situation. However, residents of Druco said Russia had failed to fulfill its commitments to stop arbitrary detention by regime forces which continue to this day.

According to the Office for the Documentation of Martyrs, the number of detainees after the first settlement was about 1,800. After the second settlement, there were 64 people, including those with a settlement card which did not protect them from detention.

According to the Office, 1,400 people have been killed in regime prisons since the revolution began in 2011. Large numbers of bodies have not been handed over to their families, no death certificate has been granted, and the fates of many of the detainees are not yet known.