Vatican expresses concern about worsening situation in Lebanon, increased emigration of Lebanese Christians

VATICAN / BARCELONA — The Vatican expressed its concern over the worsening situation in Lebanon and the sharp increase in poverty, hunger, and unemployment in light of the indifference of officials and the ruling class. The Vatican also expressed its fear about an increase in Christian emigration, which threatens to empty the country of its Christian presence.

The media shed light on the Vatican’s position regarding everything that is happening in Lebanon, reporting that the Holy See believes hope is missing in Lebanon and that radical reforms are required to combat corruption and address the country’s economic and social inequality.

The Vatican also expressed its fear of the existence of a scheme to strike at the foundations of the Lebanese state, which it sees manifested in the bankruptcy of the Lebanese government and the collapse of major economic sectors including banks, hospitals, schools and universities, as well as the deterioration of constitutional institutions.

The increased emigration of Christians from Lebanon constitutes a major catastrophe, said the Vatican, as current emigration patterns threaten to permanently end the continuous Christian presence in the East. 

Considering that the majority of Christians belong to the Syriac Maronite, Syriac Melkite, Syriac Catholic, and Syriac Orthodox Churches, such an emigration wave would mean a further blow to the presence of the Syriac people in the Middle East.

In a development regarding the related issue of the group of Palestinian-Lebanese immigrants who applied for asylum in Barcelona to escape the deteriorating living situation in Lebanon, Lebanese Ambassador to Spain Hala Keyrouz stating that the Lebanese government is trying to find out additional details about the Lebanese request for asylum at the airport in Spain, but Madrid refuses to provide us with any information about them, as they are fugitives from their country.