North and East Syria official Siham Qiryo: Settlement agreements like the one in Druco (Daraa) are not a solution to the Syrian crisis

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In a statement to SyriacPress, Co-Chair of the General Council of North and East Syria Siham Qiryo discussed the recent Russian brokered reconciliation agreements between the Syrian regime and opposition groups in Druco (Daraa).

“These settlements are not a radical solution to the Syrian crisis,” said Qiryo. “The radical solutions are to change the constitution and change the structure of Syria’s security institutions; reconciliation is just temporary.” 

Qiryo pointed out that Druco is part of Syria, and there can be no solutions in some areas of Syria without solutions in others because the crisis is national and includes Syria as a whole, not only in Druco, As-Sweida, or any other region of Syria.

“Syria is one land and its fragmentation cannot be accepted,” she said. “We are for the unity of Syrian territory and the view of Syria must be comprehensive in general.”

In early September 2021, a Russian-guaranteed settlement agreement was reached between the Syrian regime and opposition groups in Druco, and the agreement provided for a ceasefire after a 78-day siege by Syrian regime forces and allied Iranian militias. The agreement also provided for the complete withdrawal of the Iranian-backed 4th Division led by Maher al-Assad from Druco.