St. Barbara’s Day celebrated in Zalin and Dayrik cities in North and East Syria

ZALIN and DAYRIK, Syria — On 4 December, to mark St. Barbara’s Day, the Zalka Kindergarten in Zalin (Qamishli) held a masquerade party.

According to director of the kindergarten, Mayka Gouriya, the event included the distribution of gifts and various recreational activities for children.

Official of Olaf Taw Association for the Syriac Language in Zalin Josephine Soumi commented on the association’s participation in the celebration, saying, “We have participated in the kindergarten party of St. Barbara feast by helping in organizing and presenting the images of St. Barbara to the children.”

In related news, the Syriac Orthodox Religious Education Center in Dayrik (Al-Malakiyah) celebrated the St. Barbara feast in the hall of Mart Shmuni Church in the city.

The event was secured by the Syriac Security Forces (Sutoro) and the Sutoro Women.