Iraqi security forces continue operations against ISIS cells

BAGHDAD / KERKESLOKH, Iraq — Iraqi Security Forces have announced the restoration of control of a village in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) temporarily occupied by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in a joint operation with Peshmerga units from the KRI.

Iraq’s Security Media Cell denied reports that ISIS controlled the village of Lahibán in the Sargaran district of Kerkeslokh (Kirkuk) Governorate and burned down houses. The joint operation had secured the village and residents have been able to return to their homes, said the Security Media Cell.

In related news, the Directorate of Military Intelligence announced the arrest of the so-called “Coordinator of the Tribal Bureau” of ISIS while he was attempting to enter Iraqi territory from Syria at the village of Al-Masharefa in Rabia District,  Nineveh Governorate..

The directorate added that the terrorist was arrested after tracking his calls with the person who was in charge of delivering him to Anbar Governorate. After an interrogation , he confessed to his crimes and revealed that he had two sons who were also ISIS leaders.

The Security Media Cell also announced that Iraqi intelligence was able to arrest a terrorist who planned to detonate an explosive device in the market of the Kadhimiyah area of Baghdad. They explained that the operation took place in a hotel and that the confession of the terrorist, whose brother detonated an explosive device in Samarea last summer, contributed to the arrest of all    members of the terrorist cell to which he belonged and the seizure of forged  nationality documents, drugs, weapons, and equipment used for the manufacture of explosive devices.

The cell has vowed to continue tracking down ISIS terrorists, noting that it has important targets currently being investigated.