Syrian Democratic Council representatives in Washington met with a Catalan government delegation

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Co-Chairs of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Representation Office in Washington, D.C, Bassam Ishaq and Sinam Mohamad met with a Catalan government delegation that included Minister of Foreign Action and Open Government of Catalonia Victoria Alsina.

Ishaq thanked the Catalan government delegation to the U.S. for inviting him to a reception held for Minister Alsina.

“It was a pleasure to meet the Honorable Victoria Alsina,” Ishaq added.

Earlier, a women’s delegation from North and East Syria had visited the Basque region in Spain at the invitation of the Basque Parliament and the Municipality of Durango.

The women’s delegation met with the Durango City Council and discussed the Turkish attacks on North and East Syria. The delegation confirmed the need of recognizing people’s right of self-determination, stressing the need for solidarity with other peoples.