Turkey attempting to revive ISIS in North and East Syria, says Syriac Military Council Spokesman Matai Hanna

TEL TAMR, Syria — Spokesperson for the Syriac Military Council (Mawthbo Folhoyo Suryoyo, MFS) Matai Hanna stated that the line of contact with Turkish forces and their proxies have witnessed escalating attacks in recent days. Public infrastructure, educational facilities, and civil areas have been targeted by Turkish bombardment in an attempt to provoke the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) into retaliation.

Hanna indicated that Turkey is trying to create a suitable environment to revive the Islamic State (ISIS) in the region, with many former ISIS fighters now in the ranks of the Syrian National Army (SNA). Turkey’s goal is to empty the region of its original inhabitants through creating insecurity and instability so that it can resettle the area with its collaborators, said Hanna.

“What the areas of Rish Ayno,  Tel Abyad, and Afrin have witnessed is the biggest proof of the Turkish attempts to promote an ISIS mentality,” he added.

Hanna called on the international community to stop the Turkish violations, indicating that the SDF and the MFS are ready to deter any danger that threatens the security of the region.

In related news, the SDF Media Center denied via Twitter the allegations of the Turkish Ministry of Defense that four SDF fighters were killed on 6 December and three others on 14 December.

The SDF General Command also made it clear that they did not launch any attacks on the Turkish positions and accused Turkey of promoting false news in order to legitimize its occupation and attacks on the region.