Pro Asyl call on Germany to receive Belarus border migrants

BERLIN — Germany’s largest pro-immigration advocacy organization Pro Asyl demanded the new German government find a political solution to the Belarus border migrants before Christmas.

“We and the Refugee Council in Lower Saxony constantly receive distress calls from desperate relatives from Germany,” read the Pro Asyl statement.

The organization stressed the need to take an urgent decision regarding these migrants to avoid a catastrophe and save lives, criticizing the prevention of any international aid organizations or media outlets from reaching the migrants.

Pro Asyl Managing Director Günter Burkhardt stated that they expect Chancellor Olaf Scholz to end this tolerance for suspending the rule of law at the European Union borders.

He also noted the responsibility to receive protection-seeking migrants who have special ties with Germany, including family ties.

Earlier this month, the border transport and logistics center between Belarus and Poland reported demonstrations by migrants who refused to be deported to their countries, waiting for a humanitarian corridor to the European Union.

The European Union accused Belarus of fueling the crisis by granting visas to migrants at the borders of Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland and prompting them to enter the European Union in response to the EU sanctions on Minsk.

On 30 November, the Pope warned against using migrants in political bargaining.

“Migrants are increasingly used as a currency of exchange, as pawns on a chessboard, victims of political rivalries,” the Pope said in a video message for the 70th anniversary of the International Organisation for Migration.