Turkish bombardment continues on the electrical stations in Tal Tamr of North and East Syria

TEL TAMR, Syria — In a statement to SuroyoTV, Co-Chair of Tel Tamer Electricity Directorate Fahid Samila said that over the past five days, Turkish forces and their Syrian National Army (SNA) proxies targeted the electricity line feeding the Tel Tamer station twice. Maintenance and repair can only be done in coordination with Russian forces, said Samila, as the targeted lines are located along the line of contact.

He added that the Turkish-backed factions deliberately keep bombing the electrical lines until the electricity supply becomes out of service.

Regarding the delay in maintenance, which may sometimes reach seven days, Samila said that it is due to the ongoing coordination operations with the Russian forces.

Samila appealed to the international community and human rights organizations to pressure Turkey and its proxies to stop their violations, pointing out that the deliberate Turkish violations have a severe impact on the people of Tel Tamr, especially for the Christians of the area who are preparing for Christmas and New Year.