SYRIA: Two deaths and seven injured due to a Turkish targeting in Kobanî

KOBANI, Syria A Turkish drone targeted a house east of the city of Kobanî in Syria, killing two civilians and injuring seven others, who were transferred to the city’s hospitals, according to a statement of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in the Euphrates Region.

The Council considered that, “The targeting is part of a series of terrorist Turkish attacks, amid silence of the guarantor countries of the ceasefire.”

“We hold the U.S.-led International Coalition and Russia responsible for the Turkish attacks on the regions of North and East Syria,” the Council statement read.

The General Command of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in North and East Syria issued a statement to the public opinion about this attack, saying:”A Turkish drone targeted a house in Martyr Payman neighborhood in Kobanî, which led to the martyrdom of two civilians and the injuring of seven others. They were subsequently transferred to the hospital.”

“We, in the ISF, condemn such fascist attacks, and urge the international community to adhere to international covenants that stipulates protecting the rights and property of civilians,” the ISF statement declared, stressing the need to put pressure on Turkey not to repeat such attacks.