The 11-year-old Syriac girl to enroll in the most important musical universities in the world

VIENNA Despite her young age and suffering from the Syrian war, the 11-year-old Syriac girl Berolin Thani, from the Turkish-occupied city of Rish Aino (Ras al-Ayn) in Syria, made a great achievement, which is enrolling in Vienna University for Music and Artsone of the best music universities in the world.

The violinist, Berolin, won the Austrian Golden Note Award for Young Musicians in 2018, outperforming many children of various nationalities. Due to her unique talent, her teacher nominated her to join the Vienna University for Music and Arts. She is now completing violin study as part of the Special Talents program. Berolin aspires to be a professor of music.

Berloin’s family emigrated from Syria to Austria in 2012. Her brother, Mas’ad, plays the piano and the lute, and her sister, Smedra, also plays the violin. Her mother is a coach of a 45-member choir for children. Berloin’s family has participated in various concerts and music festivals in European cities. Berloin’s family speak the Syriac language fluently, in addition to Arabic and German.