The Iraqi army reveals the outcome of its security operations against ISIS in 2021

BAGHDAD On Tuesday, spokesman for the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Apparatus Sabah al-Numan, in a press statement, revealed the outcome of the recent operations carried out by the Apparatus against the Islamic State (ISIS) and its remnants during 2021.

He declared that the Apparatus carried out more than 300 security operations, which resulted in the killing of 100 ISIS operatives and the arrest of more than 250 others, in addition to the destruction of dozens of ISIS hideouts and the seizure of large quantities of weapons, equipment and explosives.

He added that those operations contributed to strengthening the security situation, encircling the ISIS remnants and thwarting their criminal plans.

Despite the Iraqi Army and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in North and East Syria inflicted heavy losses on ISIS and its presence in both Syria and Iraq, its activity continues. According to media sources, the Iraqi forces have been conducting a military operation for three days in the Hamrin Mountains, north of the country to pursue ISIS operatives and search for kidnapped citizens. So far, clashes between the two parties have resulted in the killing of 4 ISIS operatives, and the death of 3 Iraqi soldiers, as a result of an ISIS suicide bombing.