Saudi Arabia urges Lebanon to stop Hezbollah’s hegemony

RIYADH / BEIRUT— Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati defended Hezbollah’s policy. “Lebanon is an independent country, with no Iranian influence, and Hezbollah is only a political party,” said Mikati. However, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud reiterated his call to Lebanon to stop Hezbollah hegemony in the country.

In the annual speech of the 2nd year of the Shura Council eighth session, the Saudi King said: “The Saudi Kingdom stands by the brotherly Lebanese people, and urges all Lebanese leaders to give priority to the people interests to achieve security, stability and prosperity, and stop Hezbollah’s terrorist hegemony.”

Earlier, the Saudi government summoned Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon to consult for giving the Lebanese Ambassador to the Kingdom forty-eight hours to leave, due to the Riyadh-Beirut diplomatic crisis.