Ibrahim Murad: To surrender and despair in the face of the Iranian occupier is forbidden

Beirut – Lebanon’s International Syriac Union Party distributed financial aid to hundreds of needy families during the holiday season, and party leader Ibrahim Murad stressed the need for the unity of the Lebanese people in the face of the Iranian occupation and its followers.

Within the framework of its monthly aid program for needy Lebanese families, the International Syriac Union Party distributed financial aid to 400 families on the occasion of the Christmas holiday.

Ibrahim Murad, head of the International Syriac Union Party, gave a speech in which he said that the ruling junta has led Lebanon and its people to hell as promised, adding that Lebanon has never known throughout its history such criminal, hateful, oppressive, corrupt, and hungry rulers and officials working day and night to destroy its people. 

Murad stressed that it is forbidden to surrender, despair or be indifferent, and that the core problem is the Iranian occupation through its cronies and agents who work to starve, subjugate and displace the people. He added that the resistance must continue at all costs, and that the people must unite until the completion of the project to save Lebanon from the Iranian occupation and its treacherous gang.

Murad pointed out the importance of forming a real sovereign resistance front outside partisan and personal interests, to transform hell into the beginning of life and hope, adding that the international community is waiting for the people’s unity before they move seriously to help.

Murad concluded his speech by emphasizing the party’s continued support for needy families based on the party’s values ​​and ethics and wishing a blessed new year full of goodness, prosperity and peace to all.