Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Aphrem II discusses the Syriac identity of Sadad town on Al-Mayadeen TV

SADAD, Syria — On the Al-Mayadeen TV program ”Ajras al-Mashriq” (Bells of the East), Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II discussed the identity of the Syriac town of Sadad.

“Sadad embodies the Syriac Christian presence in the region through the authenticity of its history,” said the Patriarch. “Since the Aramean Syriac era, Sadad preserved its identity and people.”

The Patriarch stated that the history of Sadad goes back to the second millennium B.C. and was mentioned in two books of the Old Testament of the Bible. It also has great historical importance and contains many archaeological monuments.

Regarding Sadad public figures and clerics, the Patriarch mentioned Patriarch Abdullah Satouf and Archbishop Mor Selwanos Boutros al-Nehmeh.

When asked about his call for Syriac nationalism, the Patriarch responded, “I do not call for Syriac nationalism because it already exists through the Syriac history, heritage, and language. I proudly say that the identity of Syria is Syriac.”

Patriarch Aphrem also spoke about teaching the Syriac language in Sadad, as the town includes several churches that run free Syriac programs.

Regarding the Church’s role in preserving the Syriac (Aramean—Assyrian—Chaldean) people in their historical areas, the Patriarch said that, “To preserve the Syriac presence, we have been working on establishing economic projects such as providing job opportunities for the Syriac youth so that they can live with their families in their homeland.”