President of Universal Syriac Union Party in Lebanon Mrad: Gebran Bassil praises Hezbollah to gain its support in upcoming parliamentary elections

BEIRUT — On Sunday, President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad  stated via Facebook that the head of the Free Patriotic Movement Gebran Bassil is a corrupt agent and traitor.

“Bassil statements praise Iran and Hezbollah only to obtain their support in the upcoming parliamentary elections, consolidate his position, secure political gains, and destroy what remains of Lebanon’s legitimate institutions,” Mrad proclaimed.

Mrad pointed out that he is not the only politician who has denounced Bassil’s recent statements seemingly made to appease Hezbollah. Many Christian politicians, political parties, and social organizations who love their country described Bassil as a pro-Iranian agent that seeks support from Iran and Hezbollah in the upcoming elections.

Mrad noted that it is impossible for Bassil to win in the elections without Hezbollah’s support.

“Bassil aims to succeed President Michel Aoun in presiding over Lebanon,” he elaborated.


Lebanon is suffering from extended political and economic crises which many see as a result of Iranian influence, primarily through Hezbollah.