Deputy Co-Chair of Hasakah Canton Maha Shabo highlights most administration works in 2021

HASAKAH, Syria — In comments to Suroyo TV, Deputy Co-Chair of Hasakah Canton in North and East Syria Maha Shabo stated that, “[Last year] was full of difficulties and witnessed a Turkish military escalation, which negatively affected Hasakah Canton.”

Shabo added that the Hasakah Canton Council housed the displaced people by building camps for them.

“Despite the challenges and difficulties, we carried out service projects and campaigns to pave the main roads,” she continued.

Remarking on the coronavirus situation in the canton, Shabo said that, “Despite difficulties during the pandemic, we were able to open quarantine centers to help curb it as much as possible.”

Shabo mentioned the water crisis caused by the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army, who cut off water from a million people, indicating that the Council tried to secure as much water as possible while simultaneously working on projects to increase local availability of water resources.

“In the upcoming annual plan, we will work to properly activate the Communes and Administrative Councils to more effectively serve our people in Hasakah Canton,” Shabo concluded.