People of Tel Tamr and Abu Rasayn remain steadfast in spite of repeated Turkish attacks

TEL TAMR and ABU RASAYN, Syria — More than two years after the launch of Operation Peace Spring by Turkey and its Syrian National Army (SNA) proxies, the villages and towns of North and East Syria are still being subjected to routine bombardment and incursion. Dozens of indiscriminate shells land around the North and East Syria towns of Tel Tamr and Abu Rasayn on a near daily basis. The villages along the line of contact with Turkey and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) suffer the worst.

The result has been displacement, destruction and death. Despite the local’s  resistance and steadfastness, they fear for their lives as Turkish shells directly target civilians. 

Our correspondent in Tel Tamr spoke with a resident of the town, Hayat Hassan, about ongoing attacks. 

“More than a week ago, the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries re-targeted the vicinity of Tel Tamr and Abu Rasayn,” said Hassan. “The attacks were random and immoral, as women, children, and the elderly were all targeted and killed without any discrimination or consideration.”

“We condemn and denounce these barbaric attacks, which also affected Assyrian villages such as Tal Shanan and Tal Juma’a, and caused the displacement of people from their villages.”

Mahmoud Khader, from the countryside of Tel Tamr, also expressed his condemnation of the bombings, stating, “The Turkish-backed factions target innocent civilians, including children, especially in the countryside of Tel Tamr and the town of [Abu Rasayn], and this is contrary to human morals.”

“We have noticed that the Turkish occupation does not respect the Assyrian-Christian people in the region, as even the shrine of the Assyrian martyrs in Al-Khabur has been targeted,” Khader added.

He called on international human rights organizations to act to stop this barbaric aggression against the people of North and East Syria.