Another “Faili Mechul” case? Syriac MP Tuma Çelik once again calls on Turkish authorities to seriously investigate the Diril disappearance and murder case

The Diril couple disappeared in their home village of Mehre, southeast Turkey, in January 2020. The lifeless and mutilated body of Shmuni Diril was found more than two months later on March 20. The fate of Hurmuz Diril is still unknown two years later.

ANKARA – On the day that the retired Syriac couple Hurmuz and Şhmuni Diril disappeared two years ago, Syriac Member of Turkish Parliament Tuma Çelik has raised the missing and murder case of the Syriac-Chaldean couple anew and brought it to the attention of the media. MP Tuma Çelik explains in a message on his official Twitter account the circumstances of the Diril case and the frequent inquiries and investigations made by the couple’s family, various Syriac civil society organizations, and he himself in the capacity as member of Turkish parliament.

All inquiries and efforts were to no avail. Çelik notes that the Turkish authorities have done little serious and in-depth investigation into the disappearance and murder of Hurmuz and Shmuni Diril. Çelik resembles the Diril case and the coldness and disinterest to the many cases of unsolved murders (Turkish: “Faili meçhul”) against Syriacs in the 1970s. This case looks set to become one of those many unsolved missing and murder cases.

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The case is all the more painful and detrimental to the Syriac people, says MP Tuma Çelik, because it deters them from returning to their homeland. In addition, the Turkish state shows, through its disinterest and negligence in the matter, that it has no interest in its Syriac nationals. For the Syriacs to have a future in Turkey, it is all the more pressing and important that an in-depth investigation is done and full disclosure is given of what happened to Hurmuz and Shmuni Diril.