Coexistence Association inaugurated in Zalin with participation of all components of North and East Syria

ZALIN, Syria — The Coexistence Association for Peace and Dialogue was inaugurated in Zalin (Qamishli), North and East Syria, over the weekend with the participation of all religious and ethnic groups of the region. The purpose of the association is to encourage dialogue between the various components of the country and deal with issues between communities peacefully.

One Syriac participant, Rubel Bahho, stated to a member of the SyriacPress newsdesk that, “Our participation in opening this association is necessary in this stage to bring the Syrian society closer and dialogue between the participating personalities was transparent and honest.”

“We discussed solving societal problems through laws in the new Syrian constitution,” he elaborated.

Member of the Association’s Board of Directors Masoud Mahmoud stated that there is a societal need for such an organization after eleven years of civil war which has affected social cohesion and interpersonal and communal relations. Mahmoud indicated that all Syrian parties played on religious, national, ethnic, and sectarian tendencies causing widespread rifts in society.

“We seek to remove these rifts and sensitivities in society by preparing projects that enable us to live together,” said Mahmoud. Today’s discussion was an opportunity to exchange ideas to work together in the future.”