General Commander of Syrian Democratic Forces Abdi:  Agreement between East and West of Euphrates will resolve Syria’s problems

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In comments made to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of North and East Syria Mazloum Abdi confirmed that Russia and the U.S. are the main actors in Syria and the wider region and highlighted the importance of an agreement between them to achieve progress in Syria.

“We do not accept returning to the previous situation in Syria,” Said Abdi. “The Democratic Autonomous Administration has existed for ten years, and they have to accept it constitutionally.”

“The Syrian government must recognize the SDF and Internal Security Forces (ISF), but it is not ready for that step yet,” he continued.

Abdi pointed out that reaching a solution will only be achieved by imposing constant pressure by international parties on the Assad government.

“We believe that if an agreement between East and West of the Euphrates took place under international auspices, all the problems in Syria will be resolved successively,” Abdi stated, indicating that he is personally optimistic that the Syrian government will eventually be forced to change its position.

“The internal, economic, and international situation does not allow the Syrian government to return to the 2011 situation,” he added.

“If dialogue starts, we will be included, because we have been a tangible reality here for ten years,” Abdi declared, expecting that the political process in 2022 will witness progress.