SYRIA: Civilian in Kobanê killed, child loses leg, in Turkish bombardment

KOBANÊ, Syria — One civilian lost his life and 11 others, including two children, were wounded as a result of a Turkish drone bombing in the city of Kobanê along the Turkish border in North and East Syria, according to a statement issued by the General Command of the Internal Security Forces (ISF).

This fatal attack is the latest in a series of war crimes committed against civilians in North and East Syria. The Turkish state has repeatedly targeted civilians in Kobanê and other cities and villages with artillery and drones.

After Saturday’s attack, the General Command of the ISF issued a statement explaining that the targeting resulted in the loss of a civilian’s life and the injury of 11 people, including two children. Some of the victims are in serious condition and have been transferred to the city’s hospitals to receive the necessary treatment.

The two children injured by the Turkish bombing, a four-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl, are from the same family. The boy’s leg had to be amputated.

In a statement to the media, father of the children Mustafa Hanifi said, “I was sitting in front of my house and my child was playing in front of the house, and suddenly artillery shells rained down on us in the midst of my family, and two children and four women from my family were injured.”

Officials of the DAA and local and social media activists circulated a hashtag of solidarity with the child with the phrase, “I am not a terrorist. I need my leg.”