113 Iraqi families relocated from Al-Hol Camp in North and East Syria to camp south of Mosul, Iraq

MOSUL, Iraq — Media sources reported that 403 Iraqi nationals from 113 Iraqi families housed in Al-Hol Camp in North and East Syria were transferred to Iraq accompanied by an Iraqi delegation and Iraqi police officers.

The sources pointed out that the refugees were transferred to the Iraqi-Syrian via19 buses and vehicles, accompanied by heavy security presence.

The refugees entered Iraqi territory through the Al-Faw border crossing and were then escorted to Al-Jada camp south of Mosul by the Iraqi Security Forces.

According to the latest statistics by the Al-Hol Camp administration, there are still 57,460 people inside the camp, most of whom are women and children from 15,603 families. The camp includes Iraqis, Syrians, women and children of foreign members of the Islamic State (ISIS) — some 8,555 people from 2,529 families.

According to the same statistics, the number of Iraqis in the camp reached 30,738 people from 8,256 families.