An American delegation discusses security and economic situation with officials in Raqqa 

RAQQA, Syria — On Sunday, an American delegation discussed the security, economic, and social situation in Raqqa with sheikhs and officials during a meeting held in Hasakah, North and East Syria.

The Civil Council of Raqqa stated that, “Dignitaries and tribal elders met with the U.S. State Department representative John Kerry and American ambassador Matthew in the city of Hasakah to discuss the security, economic, social, and relief situation regarding the city of Raqqa and its countryside.”

According to the Raqqa Civil Council, the tribal elders appealed to the delegation to re-open the border crossings which have been closed.

They also pressed the delegation to recover lands occupied by Turkey and to initiate political dialogue for the sake of stability in North and East Syria.

The Co-Chair of the Raqqa Civil Council, Muhammad Nour al-Dhib, called on the American delegation to support agriculture in Raqqa and its countryside, rebuild the city, fully develop the educational system, and improve the situation in the camps for displaced persons in the region.