Pope Francis calls for an end to violence, persecution, and discrimination against Christians worldwide

VATICAN — Pope Francis called for an end to all forms of discrimination against Christians in the whole world and to address the causes that lead to the emigration of Christians from their homelands, including war, violence, and persecution. The Pope noted that the Church must evangelize and deliver the message of Christ to all parts of the world.

Italian news agency Nova reported that Pope Francis called for the need to end discrimination against Christians in the whole world, as religious persecution, wars and acts of violence force many Christians to leave their lands and regions and seek refuge in other countries.

The Pope also expressed his gratitude to those who did not withdraw into suffering, but instead chose to bear witness to Christ and God’s love in the countries that host them, as the presence of believers of different nationalities enriches the face of parishioners, noting that caring for immigrants is a duty that should not be neglected.

According to Nova, Pope Francis is thinking of all the areas where it is not possible to preach the Gospel, as there were areas that the missionaries of Christ did not reach, indicating that the Church must transcend all borders and spread the teachings of Christ to all parts of the earth.