Interior Authority of North and East Syria states that new Arrival Card is a security necessity

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Interior Authority of North and East Syria reported that the newly instituted identity card and registration procedures for migrants from other parts of Syria are necessary for the security of the region.

“DAA areas have always been a safe haven for people from different parts of Syria who have been displaced from their areas as a result of war and terrorism, where a large number of people have settled in our areas, and many have lost their personal documentation,” the Interior Authority said in an official statement.

“Believing in the rights of all Syrians, we have introduced the expat card system, so that they can live their normal lives like all citizens in our regions,” the statement said.

With the increase in terrorism and continued activity of the Islamic State (ISIS), who try to secure forged identity documents, the new measures are intended to make it more difficult for outside actors to impersonate citizens, said the statement.

“Through the application of the system and mechanism of operation of the Arrival Card, our forces were able to arrest many terrorist elements of ISIS,” he said.

“The application of the card and its procedures is only for the entire population of our areas to enjoy security and live their lives normally, given that the sponsorship system that has been put in place is to confirm the true identity of the person to ensure that false identities are not being used,” the statement said.

The Interior Authority stated that its procedures will not force the deportation of anyone and that there has always been flexibility to resolve the situation of all persons who are outside the areas of the DAA so that they can practice their normal lives with minimal hindrance.

Syrians from outside of North and East Syria now need to receive an Arrival Card valid for six months after receiving sponsorship from a resident of the region and informing the Internal Security Forces of their place of residence and the nature of their work.

Several organizations, activists, and jurists in Raqqa launched an initiative called “Stop the Arrival Card” and “Raqqa Is the House of Syrians” in protest against the new measure.