LEBANON: USUP President Ibrahim Mrad visits Technical Institute in Dekwaneh and participates in Mass of St. Antonius the Great Feast

BEIRUT — President of the Universal Syriac Union Party Ibrahim Mrad visited the Technical Institute in Dekwaneh, where he was received by the director of the Institute, Father Charbel Bouboud.

During the visit, Mrad toured the institute and was introduced to the Institute’s various departments and activities. He also learned about the courses and workshops offered by the Institute, including courses on mosaic origins, icon painting, and other arts.

Mrad then presented a symbolic gift to the Institute, an icon representing the Lord of Christ and the Virgin Mary, as a token of love and appreciation to the Institute’s management.

A Mass, headed by Father Charbel and attended by Mrad and a large  gathering of believers, was then held. During the Mass, Father Charbel preached about the spiritual meaning of the Feast of St. Antonius the Great.