Syrian Democratic Forces reveal outcome of Turkish attacks on region

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the outcome of the attacks of the Turkey and the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) North and East Syria, indicating that the Turkish government benefited from the silence of the international community while expanding acts of aggression in occupied areas of Syria.

In a statement, the Media Center said that, “During the past year, the Turkish occupation violated all international agreements and understandings related to de-escalation in North and Eastern Syria.”

“Many crimes were committed against the people of the area,” the statement continued. “The practices and violations of the occupation continued in the first half of January 2022.”

Regarding the recent escalation around the city of Kobanê, situated along the Syria–Turkey border, the statement indicated that reconnaissance planes belonging to the Turkish occupation entered the airspace of the Kobani region 20 times, and entered the airspace of the areas linking Kobanê and Sarin four times.

The villages west of Tel Abyad city have been subjected to intense bombardment by Turkish artillery and tanks, as have the villages west of Ayn Issa, the M4 international road, and the camp for displaced people just outside the town. Three civilians were wounded by recent shelling.

The villages of Tel Tamr have also been subjected to intense and repeated artillery bombardment. The villages of al-Dardara were subjected to 6 attacks, Timar (Umm al-Keif) to 32 attacks, Al-Abush to 9 attacks, Al Shanan to 2 attacks, the villages of Kozliya and Tal Tawil to 10 attacks, and the village of Tal Jum`ah to 3 artillery and tank attacks.

The Turkish occupation also bombed the center of Abu Rasayn district with artillery and mortars, and the villages of Asadiya, Nuwaihat, Tal Al-Ward, and Tal Shaer were subjected to similar attacks. Turkish reconnaissance planes also entered the region’s airspace many times.

Turkish reconnaissance planes entered the airspace of Manbij several times, and the town and its surroundings were bombed by aircraft and artillery, in addition to simultaneous bombardment of the al-Shahba areas.

The SDF statement also confirmed that as a final outcome of Turkish attacks during the first half of January, the area was bombed 225 times with mortars, artillery, and tanks, killing  one civilian and and wounding 31 others.