ISIS prison riot in Hasakah continues with heavy fighting. SDF kills 45 ISIS terrorists. US military provides air and ground support

HASAKAH, Syria – The prison riot and outbreak of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists from Sina’a Prison in the city of Hasakah, North and East Syria, which began Thursday night continues with heavy fighting as the security forces of the Democratic Autonomous Administration are engaged in heavy clashes with the terrorists to regain control over the prison.

According to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Media Office, twenty-two of their soldiers were martyred and several injured in clashes with ISIS terrorist in and around Sina’a prison. The number of ISIS terrorists who have been re-captured is 110 while 45 were killed, half of them today.

The ISIS detainees received help from ISIS members outside the prison. Late Thursday night, a car bomb targeted the perimeter of Sina’a Prison and inside the prison fire was set deliberately. Simultaneously, fuel trucks of the nearby Sadcop Petroleum Company were set ablaze by ISIS operatives to create chaos.

Hundreds of ISIS prisoners have taken control of parts of the prison. Several ISIS detainees were able to escape. Whether and how many Islamic State captives are still on the run is unknown at this moment, but the situation remains critical and dangerous. Explosions and gunfire are heard inside and around the prison, while the SDF and the DAA’s Internal Security Forces, responsible for the security of the prison, try to put down the violent riot and outbreak, reclaim full control over the prison and its surroundings, and free any hostages.

Members of the Syriac Military Council, part of the SDF, are mobilized at the prison to support the forces re-establishing control over the prison and its surroundings. The Director of the MFS Media Center, Basil Akkad, sustained an injury to his hand during the coverage of the events.

Sina’a Prison, a former school building, holds an estimated 5,000 ISIS detainees from over 50 countries and is located on the outskirts of the Ghweran neighborhood at Hasakah’s southern entrance. The detention facility is one of the many facilities in which the security forces of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) hold tens of thousands of ISIS detainees and their families.

The US military is present on the ground in Hasakah and provides air support to its Coalition partner the Syrian Democratic Forces.