Social media users show massive support for Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu by translating lyrics for ‘Avcı’ into 35 languages

ISTANBUL – In a spontaneous action on social media, the lyrics of the song ‘Avcı’ written by famous Turkish singer Sezen Aksu have been translated overnight into 35 languages, reports Syriac newspaper Gazete Sabro. Aksu wrote the lyrics for ‘Avcı’ (‘Hunter’) after controversy had risen about an older song written and sung by the Turkish pop diva.

Translated into Syriac by David Vergili @dvdvrgl

Sezen Aksu has been targeted for days by traditional groups after she put a clip online of one of her older songs, “Şahane Bir Şey Yaşamak” (‘It is a great thing to live’). The song features the phrase, “Hello, say hello to that ignorant Eve and Adam.”

Conservative and traditional religious movements in Turkey have taken offense at this phrase. Calling Adam and Eve ignorant is seen as an insult to traditional Turkish and Islamic values. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shared his part in the controversy by publicly saying that it is his “duty to cut those tongues who defame Adam and Eve.” Although, the Turkish President did not explicitly mention Sezen Aksu’s name, his words are seen as a direct reference to Sezen Aksu.

Aksu responded by writing and singing ‘Avcı,’ which is seen to be a direct response to President Erdogan’s implicit threat to her. Fans and activists took to social media to show their support for Aksu. The lyrics for ‘Avcı’ were translated overnight into Syriac, Armenian, Greek, Kurdish, Russian, Hemşin, Basque, Greek, Albanian, Arabic and German and shared by activist citizens on social media. The overnight spontaneous action on social media is seen as criticism and opposition to the Turkish President.

Independent Syriac Member of Turkish Parliament for Mardin showed his support to Sezen Aksu by stating on Twitter that everyone should defend the rights of others, then no one would be needed to defend themselves.

Sezen Aksu’s response to the Turkish President is her song ‘Avcı’ of which the Turkish lyrics follow below:

“Sen beni üzemezsin

Zaten çok üzgünüm

Nereye baksam acı

Nereye baksam acı

Ben avım sen avcı

Vur bakalım….

Sen beni sezemezsin

Dilimi ezemezsin

Nereye baksam acı

Nereye baksam acı

Kim yolcu kim hancı

Dur bakalım…

Beni öldüremezsin

Sesim, sazım, sözüm var benim

Ben derken ben herkesim

Sonuç olarak 47 yıldır yazıyorum…. Yazmaya da devam edeceğim.”