Syrian Democratic Forces of North and East Syria make progress in retaking Sina’a Prison

HASAKAH, Syria — The confrontations and military operations launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Internal Security Forces (ISF), and U.S.-led International Coalition against cells of the Islamic State (ISIS) are continuing in the vicinity of Sina’a Prison in the Ghweran neighborhood of Hasakah, North and East Syria.

The SDF stated that they were able to tighten their grip on ISIS elements in the vicinity of the prison following intensive clearing operations. The SDF also confirmed the restoration of control over several points on the northern side of the prison walls and the killing of several ISIS operatives who attacked the prison from Al-Zohour neighborhood, adjacent to the prison.

The SDF pointed out that they are making every effort to arrest ISIS detainees who continue the insurrection inside the prison and avoid killing them.

The SDF also shed light on the sacrifices made by their members in order to protect the people of North and East Syria, the wider region, and the world, asserting that these sacrifices thwarted the dangerous terrorist scheme of taking control of the prison and facilitating the escape of thousands of dangerous terrorists, including many foreign nationals.

“We commemorate with great pride the 17 martyrs of the SDF, ISF, and volunteers who were martyred during the ISIS attacks,” read an SDF statement. “We also wish a speedy recovery for the 23 fighters who were injured.”

During the attack, several news agencies and media centers were targeted by ISIS operatives, leading to the death of member of the SDF Media Center Ahmed al-Nasir.

Regarding the circulated video published by ISIS terrorists about their arrest of some SDF fighters, the SDF stated that those who appeared in the video are workers in the prison kitchen, with whom they lost contact during the attack. The SDF have managed to free a number of those taken hostage.