Administration of North and East Syria congratulates people of Hasakah on victory after ISIS prison attack

The Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria congratulated the people and military forces in Hasakah for their victory against the Islamic State (ISIS) following the recent terrorist attack on Sina’a Prison. It stressed that the goal of the attack, which coincided with the anniversary of the founding of the DAA, was to undermine the DAA and create instability in the region.

The DAA issued the following statement:

“In the name of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, we remember with reverence and respect all our martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the “Hammer of Peoples” campaign. We also congratulate all the heroes and heroines who made unparalleled efforts and sacrifices against the attack of the terrorist organization ISIS, which is trying to re-establish its caliphate anew with the support of the Turkish state, which was and still is an epicenter of global terrorism.

The goal of this attack was to occupy new areas and eliminate the Democratic Autonomous Administration in north and east Syria. The selection of January 20, the anniversary of the founding of the Autonomous Administration, as the day of attack confirms that it was an attack against the will of the peoples of the region. However, we defeated this aggressive attack with the cooperation of all the sons and daughters of north and east Syria.

Today we congratulate the two victories together, the victory of Kobani and the victory of our people in Al-Hasakah. Therefore, we extend our congratulations and blessings to all of our people for this great victory. This victory represents the second great historical turning point for our people in terms of the resistance against ISIS; as the arrogance of ISIS fell and broke its back in Kobani in 2015 at the height of its power, Al-Hasakah’s resistance has thwarted the new strategy planned by Turkey and implemented in ISIS’s clothing.”