Fake passports obtained in Turkey allow ISIS operatives to enter Europe, US, and Canada, reveals The Guardian investigation

ANKARA — For years, Turkey has been the best destination for operatives of the Islamic State (ISIS) seeking to cross to and from Western countries.

Several illegal networks in Turkey reportedly provide ISIS operatives with forged passports and visas to enter the European Union, the U.K., Canada, and the U.S., according to an investigation by U.K. media outlet The Guardian.

The investigation revealed that one of the networks, run by an Uzbek with extremist links living in Turkey, is now selling high-quality fake passports for up to $15,000.

The Guardian indicated that it had information on at least 10 cases in which people who illegally crossed the Syrian border into Turkey used those passports to leave through Istanbul Airport.

It was reported that the destination of ISIS operatives is primarily the European Union, but in some cases they travel from Istanbul to Mexico with fake Russian passports and from there they cross the border illegally to the U.S.