Syriac Youth Union distributes hygiene kits to children of Sesobel Organization in Keserwan, Lebanon

KESERWAN, Lebanon — A delegation from the non-profit organization Syriac Youth Union in Lebanon visited the headquarters of Sesobel Organization in Aintoura, in the predominantly Syriac Maronite Keserwan District to distribute aid supplies. The delegation was headed by the Secretary of Social Affairs of the Universal Syriac Union Party Joseph Hajjar, and was received by Sesobel official Suhaila Attosh.

The Syriac Youth Union delegation provided 1,800 hygiene kits, including bathing and sterilization supplies, to the children and families affiliated with the Sesobel organization. Suhaila Attosh, thanked the visiting delegation on behalf of the families for their positive initiative, and commended the charitable work of the Syriac Youth Union, especially under the harsh circumstances Lebanon is going through.

The hygiene kits were provided by the Syriac Youth Union, in cooperation with the Shai Fund and the partners of the aid organization Syriac Cross for Relief and Development.

Aintoura means ‘water source in the mountain’ and is a town in a predominantly Christian (Syriac Maronite) region.