New U.S. Special Envoy to Syria meets Abu Omar al-Idlibi to discuss Syrian issues

EDLEB, Syria The new U.S. Special Envoy to Syria Matthew Purl met with the Commander of the Northern Democratic Brigade, Absi al-Taha, better known by his nom de guerre Abu Omar al-Idlibi, according to North Press Agency.

The discussion between the US representative and the leader of a militia group operating under the umbrella of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), focused on issues related to the Syrian civil war and the fight against terrorism. More specifically, on the need to combat terrorism more effectively in Edleb (Idlib), where the Northern Democratic Brigade has its roots.

Regarding Edleb, Purl explained that there is a serious U.S. tendency to put the Turkish-backed factions on the terrorist list, as the province has turned into a safe haven for extremist groups leaders, particularly the Islamic State (ISIS) and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Just this month, the second leader of the terrorist group ISIS, who hid in a compound close to the Turkish border, was eliminated by US special forces.

Al-Idlibi, in turn, indicated that eliminating terrorism will not be achieved unless the role of the Coalition is extended to northwestern Syria, as it is now in North and East Syria. Here, Purl indicated that the political and military support for the U.S.-led International Coalition will increase only in the North and East Syria, and that the U.S. will work on a comprehensive and sustainable political solution for Syria through international laws.

In his briefing to the press, Al-Idlibi also criticized the recent Turkish bombings, which targeted infrastructure and civilians in North and East Syria. The Northern Democratic Brigade leader claims the attack took place as revenge for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) defeating the ISIS terror cells after regaining full control of Ghweran Prison.