IRAQ: The Armenian Consulate in Erbil honored former Syriac MP Rihan Hanna Ayoub

ERBIL – In the presence of political, social and religious figures, as well as Iraqi parliament representatives, the Armenian Consulate in Erbil honored former Iraqi Syriac MP Rihan Hanna, according to a republican decree by President Armen Sarkissian.

The honor took place in appreciation of Ayoub’s political and humanitarian role, when she presided the Iraqi-Armenian Friendship Committee in the previous parliamentary session.

Armenian Consul Arshak Manoukian stated that  Ayoub made a great effort while chairing the Friendship Committee, and sought to achieve rapprochement between Armenia and Iraq in all political, economic, health and educational fields.

Arshak indicated that Rihan Hanna succeeded in building a joint relation and creating solid foundations to strengthen it in the future, noting that it is the first time that an Iraqi figure has been honored, at the political level, by the Armenian President.

Rihan hanna, in turn, expressed her happiness with this honor, and considered it a moral encouragement to achieve more success.

She also noted that the cooperation between the two countries has achieved positive results for Iraq and Armenia.

“The understandings between the two governments were through the work of this Committee,” said Ayoub, calling for continued work to strengthen Iraqi relations with all countries of the world.

Former MP Rihan Hanna is Head of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council, Member of the Foreign Relations Committee and Member of the Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee.