Syrian political analyst Samir Azzam: As-Suwayda’s protests are peaceful, no need for military reinforcements

AS-SUWAYDA, Syria – In an exclusive statement to our news desk, political analyst Samir Azzam, who is from As-Suwayda, declared that the recent protests that took place in As-Suwayda reached their climax last Friday.

“The protests will not stop, but will take other forms,” Azzam stated.

Azzam indicated that there is no need for the military reinforcements that the Syrian regime has sent to As-Suwayda, because the protests were peaceful.

“Previously, As-Suwayda held many protests and did not encroach on the governmental institutions, but rather preserved them during the terrorist attacks afflicted on the outskirts of the city in previous years,” he elaborated.

He stressed that there is no need for continued military mobilizations as long as the protests are peaceful.

“It seems that the Syrian regime has a different view,” he added.

Azzam pointed out that As-Suwayda has its own peculiarity. Since the beginning of the Syrian uprising, it has taken the third option, which is democratic pluralism.
“As-Suwayda did not demand overthrowing the regime because it will be followed by overthrowing the state, and then the extremists will seizure power. And this is what the Syrians do not want,” said Azzam.

In related news, As-Suwayda witnessed a great orientations for immigration due to the dire living conditions, the Syrian regime suppression of protests and its failure to meet the people’s demands, according to North Press Agency.

The Syrian regime even hinders granting passports to citizens, by issuing complicated procedures, which has exacerbated the citizens’ anger and suffering.