Efforts to bring war crimes in Syria to International Criminal Court continue

DARAMSUQ (DAMASCUS), Syria – A new and groundbreaking attempt to make Iranian and Syrian military officials answerable for war crimes they may have committed in Syria is being launched as part of an effort to have the cases brought before the international criminal court.

Uk newspaper The Guardian noted that the request, submitted by the US-based Iran Human Rights Documentation Center in conjunction with British barrister Haydee Dijkstal, contains evidence that Syrians were forced to flee to Jordan after attacks and intimidation by the Syrian government and Iranian-backed militia groups.

The Guardian reports that the evidence has been submitted anonymously due to fears of reprisals, but the identity of those filing the complaints will be known to the International Criminal Court (ICC), which now has to make a preliminary decision prior to launching an investigation.

There is no deadline by which the ICC must decide.