European Parliament condemns violations of Turkish regime in eastern Mediterranean

STRASBOURG, France – The European Parliament condemned the violations of the Turkish regime in the eastern Mediterranean and its threats against member states of the European Union, in its report on the common security and defense policy of the European Union.

The report, which was discussed during the General Assembly of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, clarified that the illegal activities of Ankara and the threats of military conflict against the member states of the Union in the eastern Mediterranean, especially Greece and Cyprus, in addition to the new illegal activities against the maritime jurisdictions of Greece and Cyprus, are of grave concern.

The report, prepared by French parliamentarian Nathalie Loiseau, stated that Turkey often plays a destabilizing role in many areas of interest to the European Union and its neighbors, and thus threatens peace, security and regional stability.

The report indicated that despite the efforts to de-escalate tension, acts of provocation and threats of aggression continued to violate international law by the Turkish regime’s military ships against the operation.

In reference to the possibility of taking punitive measures against the Turkish regime, the report stated that the European Union has the will to use all the tools and options available to it in order to protect the interests of its member states and regional stability.