Universal Syriac Union Party completes project to help needy families

In continuation of its humanitarian project in light of the stifling economic crisis in Lebanon, the Universal Syriac Union Party distributed from its general headquarters in Sad El Baouchriye on Friday evening financial assistance to three hundred families of the northern Matn coast, as part of its monthly plan to help families in need. The project is made possible by the support of the Beth Nahrain National Council, the SyriacCross for Relief and Development, the Shlomo foundations in the Netherlands and Switzerland, and the Syriac American Federation.

After the distribution, the deputy head of the party, Laila Latte, gave a speech in which she described the ruling authority in Lebanon as a criminal and a cannibal, adding that the authorities stole from and impoverished the people, starved them, made them homeless, and robbed them of their dignity.

She added that the ruling junta today is destroying Lebanon’s civilization and selling its wealth in order to continue ruling as if it is taking revenge on a country, people, history and culture, isolating Lebanon from the world and trying to destroy the will and dignity of a mighty people in service of the Iranian project and its terrorist militias. Latte affirmed in her speech that they will not surrender because their choice is to stay in their homeland, which they ransomed with the blood of thousands of martyrs in order to remain proud and free.

Latte concluded her speech by saying, we are the children of life, steadfastness and dignity, and we will not give up. We must all be held accountable at the polls in the coming months. Let us restore our dignity and the dignity of our homeland by moving towards a resistance that will put traitors, agents and criminal thieves in the dustbin of history forever.